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Custom-fit Poncho Raincoat

Custom-fit Poncho Raincoat

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- leash/harness cover ( please request)
- long body that covers hip
- Velcro closing
- hood. If you don’t need a hood please let me know at checkout)

How to order

 Step 1. Choose size and add to cart

This is just an estimate. Please select the size that is closest from the size guide below.
If you need an help, please ask.

Step 2. Select Fabric.  Go to cart. In the "Order Special Instructions" section, please write your fabric choice and the following measurements (please indicate cm or inch)

*super repellent fabric is not nylon. It is cotton fabric that has water proof coating. If you wash couple times, water proof coating will go away gradually. however it is more breathable than nylon and it is good for sensitive skin. 

A. around neck
B. around chest
C. around waist 
D. body length
E. armpit to floor (leg length)
F. harness hole or leash hole? 
*If you require harness hole, please provide the distance from neck to where the leash attaches (refer to measurement guide page). Please also indicate whether the D ring on the harness is vertical or horizontal.

Size Guide - cm

(neck/chest (widest area)/ body length from neck to hip/weight) *cm

XXS 18-23/30-38/24/~2.5kg
ex) Chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier, teacup poodle

XS 23-26/38-42/26/~3.5kg
ex) Maltese, Yorkshire terrier , toy poodle

S 26-30/42-53/28/~5kg
ex) Pug, toy poodle

M 30-33/53-60/32/~7kg
ex) French bulldog, Miniature Schnauzer, Boston terrier

L 33-38/60-70/41/~10kg
ex) Shiba, beagle, Sheltie

TS 20-26/34-42/33/~4.5kg
ex) Miniature Dachshund, Toy poodle

TM 25-30/40-53/38/~6kg
ex) Dachshund, Toy poodle, Shih Tzu

TL 28-33/53-60/42/~8kg
ex) Small corgi, Scottish terrier

TXL 29-35/53-60/44/~10kg
ex) Small corgi, Scottish terrier

SM 34-38/55-70/44/~12kg
ex) large corgi

SL 37-41/60-70/44/~15kg
ex) border collie, Dalmatian small Labrador , small golden retriever

RM 42-48/70-77/59/~29kg
ex) mid Labrador, mid golden retriever , small Siberian husky

RL 47-53/78-85/63/~35kg
ex) Golden retriever , large Siberian husky, Akita dog

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